Host your own: phone shop Olympics

Turn your store into a world-class competitive event

So, perhaps your store isn’t as celebrative, busy and hot as Rio but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in some world class athletic events. As such, we’ve invented our own Olympics, especially for phone shop staff.

On the Case

This doubles event requires on from each team to lie face up on the floor, their team mate must then stack as many accessories on their forehead as they can within a minute.

Synchronised Stocking

Another doubles event, both team members take a phone case shelf each and must re-stock to the rhythm of whatever is playing through the speaker system. The store manager must award points for style, innovation and number of hangers restocked.

Till Toss

Each staff member takes one roll of till paper, holds the end in one hand and throws the roll in the other. The paper must not break, longest distance unravelled wins.

Selfie fencing

Each contestant, armed with a selfie stick, must try to hit their opponentl (gently) with the end of the selfie stick. Play resets after each contact, first to five wins.

Order! Order

Take the store’s 10 best selling handsets and line them up in alphabetical order. Competitors have 30 seconds to order them by battery capacity once marked they have another 30 seconds to order them by rear camera megapixels – Each correct placement scores 1 point.

Demo memory

Contestants are blindfolded and all start behind the till. The name of a displayed handset is read out and when the whistle blows, staff must be the first to touch the chosen handset.

Wood floor backstroke

Lying on their back and only using their legs to propel them, contestants must push themselves around on the store’s laminate flooring. First to complete three laps wins.

Written by Jack Courtez

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