Total Recall: Note 7 - your views

Retail staff give their opinions on Samsung's recall of their new Note 7 device

Battery issues leading to some Note7 handsets catching fire has lead to a total recall of the models which have already made their way to stores.

 The problem with the phones was discovered after 35 of models shipped and released in the US and Korea were reported as having issues, including catching fire. One million of the handsets in the UK are to be recalled, with Samsung stating there will be a two week wait for a replacement. This is likely to stoke the Apple vs Samsung rivalry as both will now go roughly head-to-head with Note7 vs iPhone 7.

We spoke to store staff to find out how it’s affecting them in-store today.

“We’re not sure what’s going on, we’ve been told to quarantine the stock out back to be taken away tomorrow, but we don’t know what we’re supposed to be telling customers.”O2 staff member

“It’s really frustrating, because there was no Note 5 we’ve had loads of business users with Note 4 devices eager to upgrade to the Note7. We’ve had loads of people in today with pre-orders asking what’s happening and it’s frustrating not to have the answers for them.”Vodafone staff member

“Our head office has told us to tell people that they need to speak to Samsung to find out more information on this, and for us not to say anything further than that there’s a screen and battery fault.” – Carphone Warehouse staff member


Now that Samsung and Apple look set for a big launch battle, tell us who you think will come out on top below:



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