Remembering Phones 4u

Looking back at the odd world of Phones 4u adverts

Lovable outsider or shark-like sales arena? Phones 4u split opinions within the industry. This was no doubt aided by the founder, John Caudwell and his garish dress sense (see below), his belief that he’s haunted by ghosts and his three mile private railway track around his country manor.

 However, a large part of this comes down to their reputation for controversial and plain odd adverts and accusations of a wide-boy sales culture. Two years on from the company’s disastrous collapse, many of its employees are still working within the Mobile industry, an industry which seems far removed from the cheeky and absurd world of Phones 4u.


In loving memory, here’s a couple of their TV highlights:


Scary Mary

What made Mary scary? Why did she hang around on beaches in a trench coat? Why was she looking to buy a new phone every three months? All are valid question, all remain unanswered.




Prison Break

Remember that time when Blackberry had the power to cause a prison break while guards in vaguely nazi-esque outfits frantically tap on that trademarked keyboard?



Flight of the Concords

 Nothing says great phone offers like two hairy men in a van singing their way around the UK.



Back to the Future

 Ironically their last advert, not even the Delorean could help them foresee what would become.


Hammer time

 Ever been so embrassed by your handset that you’ve swung at it with a comically large hammer?

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