Boost your career

Here's what the previous winners have to say

Winning Shop Idol is more than a trophy and a prize, it's the title that can catapult your career. Here's what previous winners had to say:


2016 winner: Aaron Robinson, Tesco Mobile

‘Winning shop idol for me is a culmination of years of hard work. It has been said before but it is the Oscars to films and the Brits to music. So to have won the biggest achievement for my industry is the biggest honour I could receive.

 My colleagues have been incredibly supportive in the run up to the final and were other the moon for me! Every day since I've had someone new congratulating at work and out and about.

 To people thinking about doing it next year, do it! You won't regret it and it can only improve the way you view the industry and it's a way to gain invaluable experience that you can apply to each time you walk into the shop. It's something I will be pushing my colleagues to do!’


2015 Winner: Claire Pulpher, Carphone Warehouse

From walking off-stage to in-store I’ve received so much support and congratulations. At the event I couldn’t move without someone congratulating me, and not just people from Carphone Warehouse, it was people from EE, O2, Three, Tesco, Sony and Samsung. It felt like such a great community to be in.

2014 Winner: John Sherwood, Digital Phone Company 

“It meant alot to me, to get this national award for doing what I love, (helping customers) is fantastic. It helped catapult my career and give me confidence in my abilities. I now work as an area development manager for Sony, and I definitely have Shop Idol to thank for that.”

2013 Winner: Martin Haig, Carphone Warehouse 

"After Shop Idol I was hand-picked to help roll out CPW's new sales strategy, Pinpoint. Now I'm in Scotland's flagship store and one of Carpohone's Top 20 assistant managers."

2012 Winner: Nicola Black, Phones 4u 

"It was a huge stepping stone in my career! I am now a deputy manager and still recognised for my success."

2011 Winner: Chris Bowden, EE 

"Shop Idol gave me better opportunities - I went from being a sales asssociate to a Regional Business Development Manager for EE."