What is Shop Idol?

Find out how the competition works

The only competition of its kind, Shop Idol sees staff from every major retailer compete for the prestige of being recognised as the best sales and customer service agent in the UK.

Open to every store staff member below Store Manager level, over three thousand competitors have taken part since its launch back in 2003, and while the handsets have changed, the challenges remain, providing retailers with the chance to see how their best and brightest compare to their rivals.

Each year the competition attracts thousands of votes and comments from supporters looking to propel their colleagues to victory, but the fate of each competitor is in the own hands. To be Shop Idol 2020 demands incredible product knowledge, expert customer care and mighty sales prowess. Could it be you?

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - The Big Vote

Mobile sales staff across the UK can sign up to the competition. Once signed up staff have to accumulate as many votes as they can, with a set number of contestants from each retailer making it to the next stage.

Step 2 - Mystery Shop

We send our team of expert mystery experts to put every challenger through their paces, measuring their proficiency in every aspect of what makes for a great sales person. Five scores are released each week, the top two go through automatically, the last three must battle it out for the one remaining place in our weekly save a salesperson vote.

Step 3 - Regional Finals

The remaining contestants face a panel of industry experts who'll interview, inspect and ultimately decide who they think should make it to the Final. 

Step 4 - The Final

Only 12 contestants will attend, by the end of the day only the final six will remain as the judges further whittle down the candidates. 

Step 5 - The Mobile Industry Awards

The final six will all be invited to attend the mobile industry's most glamourous event on Thursday 25th June 2020 with a guest of their choice, where the winner will be announced at the end of the ceremony. 


Judging Criteria

The judges will use a certain set of criteria to decide who is best suited to go through from the Regional Finals and the Final, and then take home the ultimate accolade of being named Shop Idol 2020. The judges will judge the candidates on the following criteria: Sales Ability; Customer Service Skills; Product Knowledge: Professionalism; and finally Personality & Star Quality.